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I have never had such a defining “aha” moment as realizing why and how fear crashed into my life. I feel a shift in the tectonic plates under me. The color is coming back into my world through this coursework and Cami’s insights. I’m regaining faith that I can define and master my life. Incredible.

Jennifer Wilke

Second Wind Participant

Are you a woman in her mid-years—somewhere between 35 and 55? If so, you are in excellent company! These are the reinvention years when women are freed from the need to make everyone else happy and begin to tap into their authentic desires and motivations. It is your time to embrace your authentic power, time to take ownership of your personal transformation and dreams.

About Cami

The world will be saved by the western woman.  ~The Dalai Lama

I am committed to showing women how to become the most authentic, powerful, liberated versions of themselves so we can fulfill the Dalai Lama’s proclamation.

As mentor, coach, therapist, and guide to hundreds of women over the past two decades, I have discovered:

  • The biggest hurdle that keeps women stuck, dimmed down, and paralyzed.
  • The three key tasks that you need to complete in order to reinvent yourself.
  • The number one habit you need to incorporate in your life in order to upgrade your Self-confidence.

Join me in The SHINE Revolution. Let’s rock this world with our gifts, women! These are your reinvention years. Let’s show up as the best versions of ourselves and make the next chapter the best.

Why Memoir?

I’ve been talking with and coaching memoir writers—many of them are published now—for about a decade. Before I embark on a project with an author, I always ask this question: Why do you want to write this story? I ask the question first of all because I’m a therapist....
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Finding Your Team

In her retelling of the ugly duckling story Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, observes, “[W]hen an individual’s particular kind of soulfulness, which is both an instinctual and spiritual identity, is surrounded by psychic acknowledgment...
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Three Steps for Getting a Heavy Heart Off the Couch

Do you feel stuck in a self definition that isn't quite working for you?
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The First Steps in Moving Toward Self Forgiveness

Did you set a goal and fail to reach it?
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To rally the internal resources required for any major change or endeavor is an essential component for success, momentum and health.  Cami Ostman’s seminar series, Catch Your Second Wind, helped me to do exactly that. Through the tools, self-discovery processes, inspirations and group experience of this series,  I discovered a blockage to my own success that has troubled me most of my life. It is a grand relief to see it in full light now so I can undo its subversive nature and catch my own second wind. I highly recommend this course of personal growth to anyone choosing to fly higher! Cami is a wise, energetic and highly effective guide and teacher, and a joy to spend time with.

Jennavieve "JJ" Joshua

Intuitive Life Coach and Second Wind Participant