Memoir Writing Month

Memoir Writing Month (MemWriMo)!

Everyone has memories, but not everyone writes a memoir.

September 2017 is your opportunity to kickstart your memoir. Join these well-respected writing teachers in their THIRD annual Memoir Writing Month Series.

Join us in September for Memoir Writing Month

During the month of September:

*Write EVERY DAY! Shoot for 1,666 words.

* Attend FOUR virtual workshops to help you navigate the issues of memoir writing. All classes will be taught or led by experienced memoir writers and teachers.

* Take advantage of opportunities (on a dedicated Facebook Page [details will be sent to you when you enroll in the courses]) to share your struggles, your victories, your questions, and your work as your memoir takes shape.

How can you join us? It’s easy!

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And commit to writing every day for the month of September: the brave work of turning your memories into memoir.

September 6, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm: Laura Kalpakian

September 13, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Laurel Leigh

September 20, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Nancy Canyon

September 27, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Cami Ostman

MemWriMo Workshop Series: Write your memoir in September!
This series of workshops will help you along the way as you turn your memories into memoir. The goal for each writer is 1666 words every day.  At the end of September you will have 50,000 words! You will have given shape and voice to the stories and adventures you always wanted to share, the stories your readers want to hear.
Note: All classes will take place on Zoom. When you register, you will receive a page with all the information you need to sign on. All classes will be recorded and posted on a private Facebook Group (which you’ll be added to when you register).

September 6: Laura Kalpakian
Intro to Writing Your Memoir: Making the Narrative Journey

This introductory class will focus an overview of the memoir to help guide writers, and shape their understanding.  What is the memoir–and what is it not?  Who is the narrator? How does that voice function? Memoir’s inherent structure is a journey.  Find out how to structure your memories to make that journey. Come prepared to take lots of notes, meet other writers and be inspired. Novelist Kalpakian has taught Memory into Memoir for over fifteen years at UW, WWU, at conferences, and to private groups.

SEPTEMBER 13: Laurel Leigh
Managing Relationships with Family while Writing About Them

What should come first? Publishing your memoir or preserving family relationships? Sometimes writers feel they have to choose—on occasion, they do. This discussion will encourage thoughtful exploration of the memoirist’s commitment and responsibility to the project, to their authorial voice and freedoms, and to family members whose private lives may be part of the story. Laurel Leigh, M.F.A., is an award-winning writer and editor. Her short memoir “We Should Do Something” was recently published in The Sun.

SEPTEMBER 20: Nancy Canyon
Generating Scenes to Complete the Literary Arc of Your Memoir

Using the Three Act Structure, we’ll build a timeline, determining if additional scenes are needed to create order and produce momentum within the story arc. We’ll discuss episodic structure and turning points and use the “and then…” exercise to generate additional scenes to flush out the narrative. You’ll leave class with a time-line and several new ideas for scenes to craft at your leisure. Nancy Canyon, MFA, an award-winning writer, is the author of DARK FOREST and SALTWATER. LOOKOUT, her memoir-in-process, details two seasons working as a fire lookout attendant in the 70s.

SEPTEMBER 27: Cami Ostman
Tame Your Inner Critic

Join author, teacher, and psychotherapist Cami Ostman for a workshop on how to change your relationship with your inner critic once and for all. SELF doubt has reared its ugly head during September’s month of memoir writing and whispered (or shouted) negative messages into the quiet of your writing time Cami will teach you how to push back and show you why YOUR memoir is important to write. Learn to move through your inner barriers so you can get your writing done. Cami Ostman, MS, LMFT is author of the memoir Second Wind: One Woman’s Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents and co-founder of the Red Wheelbarrow Writers in Bellingham, Washington.


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