The Gift of Memoir


Are you as committed to getting your book out as I am to helping you birth it into the world?


Are you ready to get your memoir OUT?

Exciting, right? So what’s stopping you?

Don’t worry. I can get you started (or nudge you forward if you are one of those people who has been tinkering for a long time).

This holiday season, in time for Christmas and New Year’s resolutions, I’m launching a new package. And I’m discounting this package so that EVERYONE who wants it can afford it!!

$97 to buy it for yourself. BUT… want to know how you can get a complementary package?

See details at the end…


The Gift of Memoir Will Jumpstart Your Writing Process!

($600 value)

Package includes:

Video 1: Why You Should Write Your Memoir?

  • Discover the THREE reasons most people want to write their memoirs
  • Find out why it is crucial that at this moment in history memoir is more relevant than ever
  • Learn what happens when you don’t take up the challenge to write your story

Video 2: What to Write in Your Memoir

  • Discover what almost every good memoir must include
  • Become acquainted with the hottest tool to figure out what you should include in your story
  • Learn to work with the dual aspects of a good memoir: Story and Theme

Video 3: How to Write Your Memoir using the “SPS” Method

  • Schedule: Put a sure-fire scheduling process into place that will assure productivity.
  • Process: Learn the steps of the drafting process and how to use them to your benefit.
  • Support: Find out the difference between support and sabotage so you can build a positive foundation for your writing life.


The Gift of Memoir Workbook that includes journal exercises and all of the handouts introduced in the videos!

One-hour Memoir Planning Breakthrough Coaching Session with Cami (this alone is a $300 value).

This is a great holiday gift for you or a writer in your life! For only $97!!

To sign up, please use the Paypal button on this page. You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal confirming your payment and you will automatically be redirected to a page with all of the content.

To get this gift free, buy it for a friend. Email Cami at with the name of a FRIEND you’d like to give this gift to and she will get back to you with additional details! Just put “Gift of Memoir for (insert friend’s name here),” and give me his/her email in the body of the message. You’ll both receive a holiday greeting with the whole package attached.

(If for some reason you don’t get redirected back to this page, please email and let us know the “redirect” did not work. We will send you the information you need.)

Let’s get that book out of you and into the world!!

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