The Program

Like many of us who KNOW we have lived through an experience that simply must be written, you’ve probably gotten stuck somewhere along the writing path. Most of us who long to write our memoirs do a lot of PAINFUL stopping and starting.

Are you ready to get your book done?

I will give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to complete a draft of your memoir that is ready for its final developmental edit in nine months!

The Narrative Project

The Narrative Project is a nine-month tele-program, which means you take part in it virtually. There will be a maximum of 18 writers working together to complete their memoirs; you’ll be in an editorial group of NINE (divided up by time zones so that critique meetings won’t go too late for east coast writers). A private Facebook group will keep us connected and able to share resources and encouragement easily.

What The Narrative Project will be doing for you
and with you:

  1. Creating an organized writing life that is designed specifically for YOUR personality, temperament, and schedule
  2. Providing accountability for getting your work done and support for the hard times
  3. Teaching you story-telling skills that help you craft effective narrative arc, character, theme, scenic depiction, pacing, voice, and dialogue


Because The Narrative Project is an intensive program for writers who are truly ready to *finally* get their books complete, there is a brief application process. Please fill out the application form.

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